Open the doors to your own "CMS Dashboard" and all the tools to make your online presence professional.

CMS Dashboard

One Dashboard to Control them all.

Want the option to make changes yourself? You can. Want us to help? We're here for you.

You'll feel like a pro

No expertise is necessary to be in control of your online marketing because our dashboard will give you the power to be a digital pro. We provide training Matrix style (well,'s really easy).


Enter the content once and it will post to all of your digital destinations. Because of the simplicity of the CMS Dashboard and the included training, you and/or your staff are able to make almost all changes on your website instantly.

We're here to help

Should you decide that you need guidance, we're here for you, grasshopper. Just give us a call or file a ticket and we'll assign the right ninja to help you achieve your goal.

Mobile Optimized Websites

Dominate all of the screens

Your site should work seamlessly on every device. 3 of 4 mobile searches trigger follow up actions and most of those searches began by a computer.

Mobile searches are always on

Wherever it starts, 77% of mobile searches start near a PC. 68% begin at home, 8% begin at work, 17% begin on-the-go, and 2% begin in store.

73% of mobile searches trigger actions and conversions

36% of the people continued their research. 18% shared information with someone. 17% made a purchase and 7% called a business, according to Google/Neilson Mobile Life 360.

Mobile triggered searches happen quickly

55% of conversions (store visit, phone call, or purchase) happen within an hour.

Strategic Technology

We are SaaSy (Software as a Solution, yo!)

Typical SaaS (Software as a service) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted with “web” access. We prefer to be known as SaaSy (Software as a Solution, yo.)

Invisible to attackers

Unlike typical web development which is built on an open-source platform such as PHP, where the source code is accessible from the internet, we code on a .net platform where the source code is offline and therefore not as susceptible to hackers and adware attacks.

No spies allowed

Other platforms use 3rd party “apps” to integrate technologies such as email marketing, forms and social media management. These modules are written by us, directly into our source code, eliminating the risk of data mining and malware tags inadvertently being attached to your website.

No contract required; you can quit us anytime

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We believe in doing our job well so that you won't want to leave. We agree that binding people through long-term contracts is greedy and unnecessary.

Reason Funding

Give people a reason

Create a site to raise money

Do you want just a website or a funding site? 

Websites simply communicate information.  Our sites communicate information and incorporate crowd-funding tools at a project level so you can fund your passions.

Be Charitable

Raise money for your favorite charity in lieu of gifts for weddings, memorials, birthdays, Bar Mitzvah, and corporate functions.

Raise money for your needs

Need money to fund a project, a great idea, to meet medical needs, or to start a business? It's all very easy to set up.


eCommerce made easy!

No second website is necessary in order to have eCommerce. Keep your SEO for your site by hosting your content in your own domain.

It's all in your dashboard

Simply fill out a form and hit save to add products and services to your site. We even include a “Post to Social” button to help you get the word out and drive sales and engagement.

Need processing or feel you're paying too much?

We can review your current program and beat it! We have worked very hard to bring you the best rates in the industry (and the best fine print as well) and can get you set up for all types of processing from website and mobile to bricks-and-mortar POS.

Sales management tools

Our tools support sales of products and invoicing as well as recurring payments options. Your suite comes with full CRM and Kiosk screen functionality.

Blog Tool

Your content ranks (with a blackbelt that is)!

Publish posts directly to your website with content and a url that is SEO compliant.

Share to Social...

feature enables Social Media sharing and scheduling right from the blog page and includes a link to the post, pulling the viewer out of social media and into your website.

Visual Editor...

has all of the latest tools including the ability to pull videos directly off of YouTube and embed into the post right from the editor.

News Feeds and Newsletters...

input your content once and broadcast it to many different points of your target market's interest.

Integrated Email Marketing

Broadcast your message

Directly from your own domain

Don't get trapped into paying too much

Up to 10,000 monthly email newsletters are included. You can purchase additional volume for a fraction of the cost typically seen with other platforms.

No commitments

You aren't required to sign up for additional services in order to give our email marketing a try.

Easy to use templates that match your site

Push out dynamically driven content directly from your site to engage your customers to interact with information that matters to them.

Interactive Event Calendar

Empower your Calendar

Bring your vision to life with multi-media and give it a way to grow through sharing

Help your audience visualize themselves there

Plug your calendar with videos, links, and pictures.

Make sure that they remember

Features to add to calendar with reminders.

Encourage them to invite others

Share to social feature…a really cool way to expose your page to more social circles, without paying more to Facebook.

Promotions Tools

Inspire people to engage your business

Get them to visit with a BOGO or a freebie with an order!

Track with Coupon Codes

Track the user's code and the usage behavior through their mobile device.

Limit your exposure

Turn it on, get redemptions, turn it off whenever you feel that you've had enough.

Sharing Features

Amplify your promotion through easy post to social button and by pushing it out over email marketing.

Social Sanity

Escape the monotony of social posting

Use your blog posts, event calendar, and promotions tools to write or pre-write content on a posting timer so that you don’t have to remember.

Get Linked

Promote your social pages by linking all of your social pages to your website attractively.

Easy Breezy Posting

You'll have auto posting options directly from you calendar, blog tool, promotions tools and more.

Inner Peace

You can give your social manager a controlled login to post or to prepare auto posts…they won't have any rights to your social accounts and you'll be able to see exactly what they are doing.


Communicate locally

Your content will be exposed through our community networks just because you have a website with us.

Fresh and Current Content

We'll feed and feature your promotions, calendar, and blog tools on our community networks directly from your own site.

Crazy Organic Usage

Over 140,000 people on the coast are using our community networks, without any marketing.

Major airport traffic

100,000 unique visitors go to the community page in the airport website every month. Most of that traffic flows through the events, promotions, and directory that are all posted directly from each of our clients' own websites.

Form Tools

Capture and organize information

Did we mention that you can host your own forms directly from your dojo?

Capture valuable feedback

Form mapping easily combines the desired data from all the forms on your site into specific email lists, greatly enhancing your ability to effectively communicate to your audience.

Build your fan base and email list

Forms are easily modified and expandable without having to start over or migrate data when you want to make a change.

Responses go directly to the right manager

Set up forms to notify the person that actually manages that particular topic and keep watch over the interaction through reports.


Manage Contacts

Across the board from customers to employees to vendors to email lists.

Email Marketing

Organize your audience and target your email marketing to a specifically receptive audience.


No worries, we make sure that payment information, customer service and transaction history are safely stored.

Comprehensive light-weight customer service system

Allows communication from forms, to customer service, to eCommerce to email marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Kickstart

Your new website is biologically designed for SEO optimization. You will gain control of your business listings on major search engines, align all the data correctly, optimize your social media and tie it all back to your website.

Hosted news content

Using the dashboard to blog, post events and announcements generates custom content and a unique URL on your own domain (vs. the 3rd party host site).

Blog, eCommerce, & eNewsletter posting

Posting content through the Social Media module Amplifies the content to social platforms, distributing these unique URL links, drawing people back to your website.

SEO boosting services

DigiPro Media also offers Social Media and SEO management services at extremely affordable rates to members of the network because we use our own expertly designed tools saving substantial amounts of time.


Get to know more about your audience

Figure out where to effectively invest your time and ad dollars

App Geo Analytics

Observe exactly where on the map your users are engaging your data and learn about their usage behaviors

Google Analytics

Figure out which sources of traffic are actually sending effective traffic to your site and see what the traffic is doing once it gets there

Targeted Marketing

Use the data to aid in efficient and cost effective media and marketing campaigns

Event Ticketing

Lose the middle man

Your built in ticket system allows you to sell tickets right from your website, just hit the easy button!

QR coded tickets

Use your own team's phones or tablets to scan and check people in…and track it from each point of entry.

We actually have an “easy” button!

Simply click “Enable Registrations,” enter the ticket price and volume and you now have a ticketed event with all the features of the major ticketing engines (and a lot they don’t).

Gain valuable data

Get to know what worked through your customer data and attendance analytics.

Enterprise Email & Calendar

Branded and organized

Use your domain name and organize your team. And you can create general destination forwarding aliases for things like

Lots of tools...

to provide email messaging, multiple address books, integrated spam & virus filters, searchable archives, shared calendars & contacts, video conferencing and screen sharing.

Easily managable

All accounts will be manageable by your Company's staff. And integrated with Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail or you web browser's mail.

Transfer your data

No problem. Existing data can be easily ported to your new system.

File Share in a Secure Cloud


Streamline your team process and access the cloud using the same login as your email.

Security to boot

Encrypted and secure, unlike dropbox.

Sharing options

Choose what level you want your audience to participate through permission controls like view, edit, share and delete.

Redundant data storage

Provides redundant data storage that's accessible through network drives and web interface. System provides versioning for document collaboration, searchable archiving with complete data backup and will allow select files to be synced to local drives.

Member Log-in

Be Strategic

Share your website features with a select audience. Your association can determine level of access and content volume|control for “Full” or “Associate” members.

For employees

This option is designed to meet the need for member participation and provide enhanced member benefits. Access will allow members to update their information, post events, announcements and promotions (with optional trigger requiring the approval of the Association staff).

For customers

Share sensitive data concerning the status of individual projects directly with the concerned audience.

Permissions control

Your association can determine level of access and content volume|control for “Full” or “Associate” members.

On-going Customer Support

Call in reinforcements

Don't waste your precious time being frustrated

2 hours monthly

Literally, we mean 2 hours of help…not just a picture change.

Help center

Our customer service center has ticketing, instructions, video tutorials, and scheduled webinars to help you fast.

Content services

Need more content or graphics? We can do that too! Just contact us for pricing.

Help From DigiPro