Digi Pro Media Intern Program

Web Design Intern

DigiPro Media, LLC is looking for up-and-coming professionals with experience in website design for a 2 semester or 6 month internship. This is a paid internship that can also be arranged for credit. Full and part time positions are available.


  • Work one-on-one with our master builders to build modular portions of client websites using bootstrap
  • Populating and potentially building webforms implementing client content
  • Review the functionality our new clients’ websites
  • Propose improvements for internal systems and websites
  • Ongoing training including feedback opportunities
  • Fine tuning content and code to increase SEO
  • Contribute to the fun and productive DigiPro office culture


Applicants should have excellent visual design and computer skills, with the ability and desire to work in teams. Technology has a constant learning curve, so we are looking for individuals who are motivated to continue their education throughout their professional career. Must participate in using our tracking system and follow through with required feedback assignments. Interns will be asked to dedicate at least 20 hours per week in our office on beautiful, historic Alcaniz Street. You will also be expected to be on time and complete all work on time and maintain proper communication.


Website Design/Graphic Design/Computer Science/Computer Engineering or Mathematics

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